Trade-In Program for 800 Series Controllers

Attention ChronoTrack Timers! If you’ve been wanting to upgrade to our latest Pro 2 Controller, you’re in luck. You can trade in your current 800 series controller S/N 2000 or higher with Revolution Readers for a new Pro 2 Controller!

The cost of the trade-in is $3200 plus the shipping costs of your 800 series and the new Pro 2. Make sure your Readers are functional before trade-in as we’ll be using them in your new Pro 2. The Pro 2 will have a one-year warranty that includes all parts and labor, plus your repurposed Readers.

We are also offering discounted new cable sets with each Pro 2; a short cable set is $100 and a long set is $160. Batteries are not included, so be sure to pick some up locally.

This is definitely a deal you don’t want to miss! Learn more about the new Pro 2 here.

Reach out to your ChronoTrack Representative and start timing with the Pro 2!