At the US Conference we stated that no further development work would be going into the current generation of Pro Controller. However, based on the testing on the new TPC 31 and its interaction with Boxscore 3 we have decided to reverse this decision and create an upgrade path for the current generation of 400/800 Pro Controller.

You have 3 options with the update. You can:

  • Keep your existing controller
  • Upgrade and allow BoxScore 3.0 feature sets
  • Wait and purchase a new Controller

The cost of this upgrade may vary. Controllers will require the replacement of the TPC and WiFi Card at a cost of $550.00. Those controllers that use the MC8775 GPRS modem will also need to replace the GPRS modem at an additional cost of $50.00.

Once a controller has been updated a user can:

  • Use Chronosync for time keeping
  • Select IP addressing
  • Specify gateways
  • Select WiFi networks
  • Record “Select Times” using USB wireless keypads
  • Show time offsets
  • Hand-key timing
  • Select Channel Frequencies from the controller menu (Europe and China controllers)
  • Utilize server-side remote control (once implemented on the server)

One of our primary goals, since the founding of the company, has been to preserve the investment timers have made in our hardware. When Boxscore 3 was first designed we had every intention of providing server-based remote control and, consequently, all the hooks were incorporated into the software. The server-side software for remote control will be the same for both the current controller and the Next Gen Controller. These are the facts that ultimately affected our decision.

For those timers that do not require any of these enhanced features and are satisfied with the current controller “as is” there is no requirement to upgrade. This upgrade path and maintenance of the current controller will remain in effect as long as there are parts to support it.

All controllers purchased in the 3rd Quarter of this year will be shipped with this upgrade option.

For further technical details about this upgrade program contact ChronoTrack Support at: (812) 759-7877 or

For any specific business concerns or issues about this program contact Dan Howell at: (812) 499-9199 or