Since inception ChronoTrack has held the firm belief that we have the obligation to protect the investment our Timing Partners have made in ChronoTrack hardware. The next evolution of BoxScore has been talked about for quite some time and following the issues found in the field with BoxScore 3 on the TPC-30 we had concern that we would be unable to continue to fulfill that obligation to you. The only direct hardware replacement of the TPC as of Summer 2014 had been found to have a major hardware flaw. In fall of 2014 the hardware flaw had been worked out by our supplier and we began diligently working to update BoxScore to support the new hardware, successfully field testing the solution through the end of the year.

Heading into the 2015 US Users Conference we felt confident that this new hardware would allow us to continue to support the existing but determined it was best to do timer field testing. Throughout the timer field testing process we have had positive feedback and worked through a few issues. We are confident that the TPC-31 allows us to fulfill the obligation of protecting your investment by supporting BoxScore 3 and Remote Control. As a result we have decided to create an upgrade path for the current generation of 400/800 Pro Series Controllers.

You have 3 options with the update. You can:

  •     Keep your existing controller
  •     Upgrade and allow BoxScore 3.0 feature sets
  •     Wait and purchase a new Controller

The cost of this upgrade may vary. Controllers will require the replacement of the TPC and WiFi Card at a cost of €550. Those controllers that use the MC8775 GPRS modem will also need to replace the GPRS modem at an additional cost of €50.

Once a controller has been updated a user can:

  •     Use Chronosync for time keeping
  •     Select IP addressing
  •     Specify gateways
  •     Select WiFi networks
  •     Record “Select Times” using USB wireless keypads
  •     Show time offsets
  •     Hand-key timing
  •     Select Channel Frequencies from the controller menu (Europe and China controllers)
  •     Utilize server-side remote control (once implemented on the server)

For those timers that do not require any of these enhanced features and are satisfied with the current controller “as is” there is no requirement to upgrade. This upgrade path and maintenance of the current controller will remain in effect as long as there are parts to support it.

All controllers purchased in the 3rd Quarter of this year will be shipped with this upgrade option.

For further technical details about this upgrade program contact ChronoTrack Support at:

For any specific business concerns or issues about this program contact Jeroen van Zuilen at: +31 35 7510872

Question: Why did ChronoTrack decide to provide this upgrade option?

  • Answer: ChronoTrack wants to protect the investment you have made as a timer in our Pro Series lineup of Controllers, and had every intention of providing the feature set that BoxScore 3 supports including server based remote control. Once the TPC-30 was found to not be capable of supporting BoxScore 3 (Fall of 2014) we were dependent on a fit and form factor replacement of the TPC hardware in order to support BoxScore 3, until January of 2015 this was not a possibility as the TPC-31 was not yet an available product. Subsequent testing has shown the TPC-31 which is a fit and form factor replacement for the TPC-30 to be stable and support the demands of BoxScore 3.

Question: Do I have to upgrade all of my Controllers to the new TPC-31?

  • Answer: You do not have to upgrade any of your Controllers if you do not wish to. Boxscore 1.26 will continue to be supported on the TPC-30 however will not be updated to support remote control or other features found on BoxScore 3 (noted above). You can intermix BoxScore 1.26 and 3.0 Controllers at the same timing point without issue. However, please note that as of the release of the TPC-31 formally in Q3 2015 ALL TPC in new Controllers or being replaced in existing controllers will be TPC-31s.

Question: What if I don’t want to upgrade to BoxScore 3?

  • Answer:
    • Unfortunately BoxScore 1.26 is not compatible with the TPC-31 and therefore any new Controllers or Controllers that have had TPC replacements after the release of the TPC-31 will be required to run BoxScore 3.0.
    • This does not mean that you are forced to update to BoxScore 3 on all of your Controllers, only those with a TPC-31.
    • Your Controllers within BoxScore 1.26 will continue to work and can be used in parallel with BoxScore 3 Controllers without issue. This includes deploying both to a single timing point/location.
    • Note: The update application which loads BoxScore on the TPC will be modified to prevent incompatibility between the BoxScore version and the TPC.

Question: Can’t I just use BoxScore 3 on the old TPC?

  • Answer: Unfortunately after extensive field use through Spring and Summer of 2014 it was determined that the TPC-30 was incapable of supporting BoxScore 3 due to limited system resources. As a result BoxScore 3.0 is not compatible with the TPC-30. The update application which loads BoxScore on the TPC will be modified to prevent incompatibility between the BoxScore version and the TPC.

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