European Support & Upgrade Programs for 800 Series Controllers

If you haven’t upgraded to the new Pro 2 Controller, we can still work with you to repair and upgrade your 800 Series controllers. Here’s what you need to know:

Maintenance of Existing 800 Series Controllers

We will provide repair support for all 800 series controllers S/N 2000 and higher with Revolution Readers until January 1, 2022. After that, repair support will be on an as-available basis depending on the supply of parts.

Upgrade of Current 800 Series Controllers

If you don’t want to take advantage of our Trade-In Offer, your 800 Series Controllers with S/N 2000 and above with Revolution Readers can be upgraded in one of two ways. We can upgrade to TPC 31 using Boxscore 3 for a cost of €550 with modem replacement for €600; or we can upgrade to TPC 31 using Boxscore 3 with all the batteries replaced. This costs €1600 and includes the TPC-31 Upgrade Kit (TPC-31, Wi-Fi Adapter, 4 3.65AHr batteries) on a Serial Number 2000+ Controller, plus parts and labor.

The Future of Boxscore 3

Boxscore 3 is still under development and we plan to offer the following feature set. Upon completion of the set, all future development will be for the Pro 2.

Support for Boxscore 3 will include what is already in the program, plus:

  • Basic Remote Status
    • Power Source
    • Battery Status (including percentage if possible)
    • Antenna Status
    • Immediate Mode Status
    • Wi-Fi Power Status
    • GPRS Power Status
    • Report Alerts
  • Basic Remote Control
    • Change Event Name
    • Change Point Name
    • Change Immediate Mode State
    • Turn Wi-Fi power on/off
    • Turn GPRS power on/off
    • Acknowledge Alerts
    • Set Manual Marker
    • Zero Counts
    • Ping Controller
  • One Defect Fix related to sometimes power cycling the modem when disconnected from GPRS
  • Remote Messaging from Middleware

All upgrades will have a warranty of one year and timers are expected to cover the shipping costs to and from ChronoTrack.

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