Get unbiased feedback about us and our products from these ChronoTrack case studies and testimonials.

It’s always great to hear from your peers about what products they’re using and which companies are helping them to be successful. It also helps to hear from your lesser known peers who may be more like you. That’s why we’ve pulled together these ChronoTrack case studies and testimonials in various formats, from all different types of events. Feel free to reach out to our team if you’re looking for something specific.

Customer Salutes

Sometimes it’s hard to relate to case studies because they can get pretty specific. Or maybe you’re just looking to see if people like you are using our product and working with ChronoTrack. Our customer salutes are a great way to learn about our customer base and hopefully relate to some of them, where they’ve come from, and their goals for the future. Check out all of our ChronoTrack customer salutes.

Here are just a few pics of some of our customers we’ve interviewed.

Endurance ColumbiaChronotrack Customer Salute Endurance Colombia Race Director

Shazam RacingShazam_Racing_Race_Management_Advice

Red Dirt Race ManagementRed_Dirt_Racing_Management_Race_Management_Advice

Bellingham Bay MarathonBellingham_Bay_Marathon_Race_Management_Advice

ChronoTrack Video Testimonials

ChronoTrack Case Studies

We know this is a great tool to help you along the path to choose products and company that fits with your needs. Check back often for case studies as we build out this section of our site.

Spartan – Active Tag Technology

spartan active tag 2

Learn about our beta test with Spartan and why they decided to move ahead with our unique active technology product.

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