RS Racing Systems

Terry Lewis
8754 Jedd St SW
Navarre, OH 44706
Fax: 330-455-7610

  • Timing
  • Online registration
  • Expo-day registration
  • Race-day registration
  • Race management
  • Finish-line set-up (i.e. arches, cones, chutes, etc.)
  • Course management
  • Real-time results
  • Live services (Facebook and Twitter athlete tracking/updates)
  • Live services (SMS tracking/updates)
Areas Serviced

Northeastern Ohio is our physical location and we do many event throughout this area. We also do events in Western Ohio, Southern Ohio, West Virginia, & Kentucky. We are willing to travel to further destinations and have the capability to handle 2 major events on same day as well as up to 5 smaller events on the same day.



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