Global Running Day & the Evolution of Race Timing

ChronoTrack Race Timing Global Running Day

Remember the days when popsicles sticks and pull/tear tags were the official timekeepers at a race? When wrong or missing results were simply a common casualty? Looking back now with our fancy-schmancy transponders and tags, the days of pen and paper seem almost prehistoric – dating back to the late 80’s! Race timing technology has advanced considerably…

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NEW! ChronoTrack Active Tag & Timing System

Active reader

With the growth of mud/obstacle events, high-end triathlons and cycling events, there’s an increasing need in the market for a more accurate timing solution to handle the extreme conditions not typical of standard running events. The best way to support these events from a timing perspective is with active technology containing built-in batteries in the…

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Customer Salute: Everal Race Management


Everal Race Management was founded by Greg and Jenni Everal in 2006, stationed out of Detroit Downriver area, servicing races all over Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. They are runners and very passionate for the sport which is how they stumbled into this timing gig – although they miss torturing themselves with long, sweaty, painful miles…

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Customer Salute: Split Second Timing


Rick Stern has some stories to tell. As a guy who was around when popsicle sticks were used as the race timing system, he’s seen a few things in this industry and has a lot of experience to share. His company, Split Second Timing, is celebrating its 39th year of event management and pioneered the…

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Classic Data Suite 0.6.0 Released

ChronoTrack is excited to announce the release of Classic Data Suite (CDS) 0.6.0. CDS 0.6.0 has been in beta testing for quite some time without issue and so it’s time for an official release.

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