How to Plan a 5K Guide

How to plan a 5K guide

Planning a race can be a monumental project. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to plan a 5K for the first time, or you’re an industry veteran on your 50th event, there’s always more you can learn when it comes to the details of race management. So we’ve pulled together a 44-page guide on…

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Is Reselling Bibs Wrong?

A few weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal published an article on the practice of reselling bibs for marathons and triathlons. It had some interesting points and got a lot of us in the industry talking about an issue that seems to be a growing concern. The article cited Running USA, illustrating the rise in…

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Alerts from Support

Want to be first to know if there’s something urgent we need to share with you about Timing Hardware/Software or ChronoTrack Live?  We have an alert system in place to distribute urgent ChronoTrack platform updates to our partners. The system allows us to quickly distribute text messages, emails and automated voice calls simultaneously to all…

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