6 Ideas for Offline Race Promotion


Nowadays, tech is the talk of the town. Social media this, e-mail that… Heck, we do it too! But a mere 16 years ago, race directors had to rely on other means to promote their race. Their traditional tactics worked then, and they work now. So, before you put all your dollars into digital, read…

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How to Track Your Marketing for Better Race Promotion


There’s a lot of things a race needs to be successful. The most important? Participants! That’s why every race management team needs a well thought-out marketing plan to promote their race. While we’ve previously covered more specific tactics like email and publicity tips, this article will cover the basics of traditional, digital, free and paid advertising options as…

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WEBINAR: The Ins & Outs of Working with Event Sponsors

Join us Wednesday, November 30th, at 1:00pm ET. Join us for this 45-minute webinar on how to successfully work with endurance event sponsors, with guest speakers Scott Nenninger and Kelly Warner, both Senior Directors with the Media & Sponsorship team at Life Time. Both speakers are seasoned experts in the endurance sponsorship space, so have plenty to share including…

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Want Results? Create a Marketing Campaign


It seems like I read about a new marketing tactic nearly every day. It’s hard not to think, “This is the answer to my business-driving prayers!” But beware the allure of the shiny object. Sure, shiny objects have their place, but don’t lose focus on the fundamentals of a comprehensive marketing campaign that will ultimately…

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Why You Need YouTube (and How to Use It)


Race organizers, we need to talk. The merits of social media for race promotion have frequently been discussed, yet a key platform is often left out of the conversation: YouTube. Yes, that magical realm of cat videos and Rick Astley can be used for more than just wasting time at work! It’s also a seriously…

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