Athlete Salute: Ericka Paddock


ChronoTrack’s Time Management would like to introduce Ericka Paddock, Athlete Salute. Ericka has Cerebral Palsy and after completing two 5K’s, she was looking forward to her first 10K. She had been training for a year with her trainer and predicted a finish time of about 4 hours.  She finished in 3:20:05. Here is her inspiring story:

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The TCS New York City Marathon: Why the Human Race Loves to Run

NYC marathon finish line_ChronoTrack timing

Skyscrapers, Central Park and more than 50,000 runners make the TCS New York City Marathon one of our favorite races to provide race timing for. Now, we know some people may wonder: how do so many people manage to drag themselves out of bed at five in the morning to run 26.2 miles? It’s easy…

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Love That Lasts: 10 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty


It’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. That shouldn’t be news to you, but are you really dedicating as much time rewarding customer loyalty as you are marketing to new customers? The importance of this is emphasized by the Harvard Business Review, which reports that increasing customer retention rates by…

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