Your One-Stop Shop: Plan a Turkey Trot in 2016

Plan a Turkey Trot in 2016 with our tools and resources

Looking to plan a Turkey Trot in 2016? Hands down, Athlinks and ChronoTrack have the most valuable solutions in the business for creating a successful holiday event. And we’re not just pumped up on pumpkin pie and talking self-promoting smack. Through our combination of onsite registration offerings, donation and fundraising platforms and integrated marketing and social sharing tools, we truly are a one-stop shop to help your Turkey Trot run smoothly – and with less stress, quicker logistics, greater exposure, increased participant numbers and a higher financial return. Add a free guide to planning a Turkey Trot and you’re well on your way to success. Continue Reading

Don’t Sweat It: Planning a Summer Race

Summer means beaches, barbecues, and fun in the sun! But it also means higher temperatures, which mean a higher risk of dehydration and heat stroke for athletes. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from planning a summer race – it just means you should do so carefully and with consideration for your runners’ safety and comfort.

So if you’re ready to get people jogging in July, here’s how to help them beat the heat for a fun and safe race. Continue Reading

Start promoting your race with event landing pages

Phase 1 of Event Landing Pages

Today we launched Phase 1 of our new event landing pages, built to help promote your events with an athlete-first approach. These pages are a great way to share your event details with athletes and grow your event via our Athlinks community of 550,000+ members. Registration links are designed and strategically placed on the page to drive optimal conversions. And the “Invite Friends” button will help with organic exposure and growth of your event. What better way to grow your event than through your fans getting their friends involved? That’s sure to add to their positive experience at your event.

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Doping the Distance: Should Your Race Drug Test?

While performance-enhancing drugs have long plagued sports like cycling and track and field, road racing has remained relatively un-rocked by steroid scandals. When they have occurred, they’ve involved elite athletes like three-time Boston Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo or Olympic hopeful Eddy Hellebuyck. But recent stories, like Lilian Mariita’s, show that doping can trickle down to the amateur level, leaving both runners and race organizers concerned. Continue Reading

Road race locations – finding picturesque spots, etc.

If you want to know how to plan a race, one of the first steps is knowing where to host it! Having the right road race locations is just as important for athletes as it is your management team; it dictates much of race day logistics and can be a huge influence on whether athletes decide to participate or not. From fun runs to muddy obstacle courses and qualifying marathons, there are so many different types of races and courses to choose from!

So how do you know you’re picking the right race course? We’ve got 5 steps. Continue Reading