Doping the Distance: Should Your Race Drug Test?

Doping Race Drug Testing ChronoTrack

While performance-enhancing drugs have long plagued sports like cycling and track and field, road racing has remained relatively un-rocked by steroid scandals. When they have occurred, they’ve involved elite athletes like three-time Boston Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo or Olympic hopeful Eddy Hellebuyck. But recent stories, like Lilian Mariita’s, show that doping can trickle down to the amateur level, leaving both runners and race organizers concerned. Continue Reading

Road race locations – finding picturesque spots, etc.

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If you want to know how to plan a race, one of the first steps is knowing where to host it! Having the right road race locations is just as important for athletes as it is your management team; it dictates much of race day logistics and can be a huge influence on whether athletes decide to participate or not. From fun runs to muddy obstacle courses and qualifying marathons, there are so many different types of races and courses to choose from!

So how do you know you’re picking the right race course? We’ve got 5 steps. Continue Reading

Free Guide: How to Plan a Turkey Trot

How to Plan a Turkey Trot ChronoTrack

Thanksgiving is now the most popular day to run a race with more than 1,000 events each year! But turkey trots aren’t your typical race. Their immense popularity and holiday timing can make planning one a unique challenge, even for seasoned race directors. Continue Reading

Emergency Race Planning for Endurance Events

emergency race planning

Race directors are used to dealing with sprained ankles and over-exhaustion, but there’s a lot more that can go wrong at events. As the Boston Marathon showed us in 2013, it’s important to be prepared for absolutely anything. So if you’re wondering about emergency race planning, you should also be wondering how to plan for everything else that could go awry.

But how do you handle something that hasn’t happened yet? Don’t worry. Here are the tasks to add to your race director checklist to help you prepare for the unexpected. Continue Reading

Panels (Scrolling Results)

Explanation of why

For years, the only way of consuming race results was to gather around pieces of paper slowly being taped to a wall or tree. The frequency to which results were updated was based on the time it took to fill up a new page of fresh finishers. While standing in line for results, the people you waited with weren’t just fellow racers, but were people that were similar to you. Maybe they were competing against you for an Age-Group, trying to beat a PR, or simply trying to finish with a sub 8 minute pace. No matter what it was, everyone had something in common. Continue Reading