New Athlete Confirmation Emails

Early next week we’ll be releasing a newly designed confirmation email for participants who register for events via ChronoTrack Live.


The new design is a simpler layout that’s easier to read, particularly on mobile devices (where over half of most events’ participants are now reading their emails).

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Top 10 Sponsor Pet Peeves

Karen C. Cortese, (‘Casey’) owner of The Sweet Spot Agency, LLC, guest blogs for us today on sponsor pet peeves. She talks about a list of common mistakes that truly drive sponsors crazy. Casey is an entrepreneurial leader who focuses on businesses, race organizations and nonprofits in helping them create deeper and more effective customer engagement and activation strategies.

In today’s growing and highly competitive active lifestyle marketplace, there are a plethora of races that sponsors can choose from when looking to invest their sponsorship dollars. Gone are the days when fulfilling basic sponsorship benefits is enough to retain your sponsors; race organizations must show a deeper commitment to understanding and meeting sponsor objectives. To help you build a successful sponsorship program, here is a list of common mistakes that truly drive sponsors crazy (with input from sponsors and agencies across multiple industries). If you and your teams can avoid these, you will find yourself with happier, ultimately more loyal, sponsors. Continue Reading

Race Management from a Runner’s Perspective

When it comes to planning a race, there’s a lot to consider – when to file for permits, how many volunteers are needed, how to advertise – and it’s easy for race directors to get caught up in the laundry list of logistics. Race day is no different: are the timers working? Everything running on schedule? Has anyone gotten hurt?

But take a step back. It’s important for race directors to understand the perspective of their runners; after all, it is their experience that matters most! Let’s dive in to a few things your runners want you to know for smooth race management on the big day! Continue Reading

Event Marketing Guide for Race Directors – Free Download

We know: you’re a race director, not a marketer. Your passion is in the sport, not in PR. But even the most seasoned race directors could use a little event marketing know-how to help communicate their vision and grow their event. Marketing opportunities on the Internet are changing all the time. So it’s a good idea to keep your ideas current or you’ll get lost in the endurance event abyss.

Luckily for you, we have a few people on our team who know about marketing AND race planning – and they’ve put together a free guide on the ins and outs of event marketing and public relations just for you! In this 9-chapter guide, you’ll discover the basic, but extremely valuable, tools and tactics you need to pump some marketing juice into your event. And the great part about it is that many of the tactics in the guide don’t require a whole lot of money. Just some time, a little bit of elbow grease, and some patience and you’ll start to see your event numbers grow. Continue Reading

How to Plan a Turkey Trot, Part 4

This is the last blog in our four-part series on how to plan a race around the Thanksgiving holiday. Read on or catch up on what you missed in Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.  You can download the full guide to plan a turkey trot here.

Volunteers: How to Find, Train, Manage & Make them want to Return

Volunteers are a vital component to any event. It’s highly unlikely that you (or any race director in the history of sport) have a big enough budget to fully staff your event with paid employees. So, you need to learn how to find, train, manage and especially retain, a significant number of volunteers.

How many volunteers exactly? Go to a race similar in size to what you expect of yours. Observe how many volunteers handle registration, packet pickup, race-day parking, on-course directions and safety, aid stations, the finish line, awards, etc. This will give you a ballpark starting point, but be sure to add volunteers for event setup and cleanup and any other behind the scenes responsibilities you anticipate.

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