All About Athlinks Marketing in a Box

As an Athlinks partner, we rely on you to help share the Athlinks message—but we hardly expect you to go it alone. That’s why we created Athlinks Marketing in a Box, an easy-to-use collection of marketing tools to help you communicate the benefits of Athlinks to your participants and encourage them to join our community.

Marketing takes time and effort—resources that are in short supply in an already-busy race organizer’s schedule. So we developed turnkey marketing assets that let you share the Athlinks love, as easily and effectively as possible. Continue Reading

Provide Unique Registration Experiences for Key Sponsors and Partners With ChronoTrack Custom Registration Forms

We’ve recently released a new ChronoTrack Live function that allows you to customize multiple registration forms for a single race. Customization allows you to expand the value that you offer to multiple sponsors, corporate partners, or charities for a single event; to share personalized information or pricing with specific participant groups; and to gain additional information about your athletes. Continue Reading

The Ins & Outs of USATF Course Certification

If you’re new to race directing, you might be wondering: what is a USATF-certified course and do you need one for your race? The short answer? Maybe! Getting your course USATF-certified has numerous benefits, but it does take some work. The real matter at hand is deciding whether or not the process is worth it for your type of race.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of USATF course certification for race event management. Continue Reading

4 Problems Every Race Director Encounters (And How to Handle Them)

Every race director knows that the biggest part of a race is planning it! It can take months or even years to hash out every little detail. But every race director also knows that no matter how well you plan, something will go wrong.

Whether it’s your swag arriving late, your microphone giving out, protests, deaths, or a delayed start – anything can happen, and it can happen to anyone. Before diving into our 10 Commandments of Crisis Communication, let’s go over some race management advice for the situations that every race director is destined to face. Continue Reading