Event Gift Certificates

If you haven’t noticed yet the holidays are upon us. And we’re in the spirit this year with gift certificates. Your Account Manager can have you up and running the same day you decide to offer them for your events. Or follow the instructions below to get yourself set up.

What do gift certificates mean for your event? More participants! With these online gift certificates anyone can give their friends and family the gift of health, fun, and your event experience. The more the merrier!

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Volunteer Management for Race Directors

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any endurance event. They receive no money, no medal, but they still show up early and ready to work. Yet too often these efforts go underappreciated. We get it: as a race director, volunteer management is just one more thing on your checklist. Between runners, vendors, sponsors… it’s easy to put volunteers on the back burner.

But don’t do it! Having a strong, motivated volunteer base is worth every bit of effort. Do it right and they’ll keep your event running smoothly year after year. That being said, here are our 6 steps to effective volunteer management. Continue Reading

6 Ideas for Offline Race Promotion

Nowadays, tech is the talk of the town. Social media this, e-mail that… Heck, we do it too! But a mere 16 years ago, race directors had to rely on other means to promote their race. Their traditional tactics worked then, and they work now. So, before you put all your dollars into digital, read on for some good old-fashioned race promotion tactics! Continue Reading

How to Plan a Race for Charity

Nowadays, you can find a race that raises money for almost any cause. In fact, Running USA estimates that road races contributed $1.2 billion to nonprofits in 2012! The popularity of charity runs isn’t surprising: race directors see it as incentive for registration while nonprofits use them to raise awareness and build relationships.

While a saturated market makes it harder to stand out, don’t let a little competition scare you away! Here are our tips on how to plan a race for charity that won’t get lost in the crowd. Continue Reading

How to Track Your Marketing for Better Race Promotion

There’s a lot of things a race needs to be successful. The most important? Participants! That’s why every race management team needs a well thought-out marketing plan to promote their race. While we’ve previously covered more specific tactics like email and publicity tips, this article will cover the basics of traditional, digital, free and paid advertising options as well as how to track these to build a better race promotion plan next year. Continue Reading