Race Day in the Palm of Your Hand

The event experience goes mobile with our new Race Day app.

Our new Race Day app takes your event to the next level of service and sophistication with easy customization, on-the-go communications, live athlete tracking, and measurable sponsor exposure—all in the palm of your hand. Fully customizable for iOS or Android devices, the Race Day app is designed for you to create a full mobile experience for athletes and spectators, without needing to know a single line of code. Plus, you can set up and launch your event’s mobile experience quickly, without waiting for any app store approvals. Continue Reading

New: Track Referrals to Fill Registration Fast

New reporting feature allows easy insight into referral URL use.

A good tool becomes a great tool—or dare we say, an invaluable tool—when you can maximize its use. With our new referral-reporting tool, you can take full advantage of the unique referral URLs created in the confirmation email “Invite Your Friends” feature.

This report tracks each unique referral URL, allowing you to reach out to registrants via targeted emails to remind them to share their URLs and offer incentives to do so. It also shows how often each URL is used, letting you identify top-referring ambassadors for your race. Continue Reading

The Total Athlete Experience—Meet the All-New Athlinks.com

If you called our office in the past several months, you probably noticed a strange buzzing in the background. That was the sound of our team hard at work, doubling up efforts to launch a number of new products and initiatives. We’ve been busy as heck behind the scenes, and it’s time to unveil one of the many (and awesome, if we may say so) projects we’ve been obsessing about: the all-new Athlinks.com.

More than likely, you’re familiar with Athlinks.com as an online database of race results. But whoa, baby—it is So. Much. More. The all-new Athlinks.com is a resource site, social network and digital scrapbook—all in one. It’s designed to enhance the entire athlete journey around endurance sports events, every step of the way. We’re thrilled to share what we’ve created, and we’re hoping you’ll help us spread the word.

Continue Reading

#Winning With New Org-Wide Coupons

We’re pretty pumped to introduce our newest ChronoTrack Live feature release: Org-Wide Coupons. What’s so exciting about this new feature? A lot!

Org-Wide Coupons allow an organization to issue a percent discount on registration across multiple events, all with one simple set up. What’s more, the feature lets you get extra creative when offering incentives to potential registrants. That’s right—the Org-Wide Coupons feature creates efficiency for you, plus more reasons than ever for athletes to enter your events. Now that’s what we call #winning. Continue Reading

How Race Promotion Changes for Locals and Out-of-Towners

Races don’t usually start out with thousands of people and million dollar sponsorships, but rather as small races grown from great concepts. These races have huge potential and the key to growth is promotion, promotion, promotion. Also, having a solid and well run event, but still, race promotion is absolutely essential. The tricky question is of course, how should a Race Director promote their event as time goes on, especially once the race starts to get attendees from out of town? Continue Reading