Introducing Custom Fees within ChronoTrack Live

As an Event Director have you ever needed to charge sales tax or shipping and handling on a product within the registration path?

The Custom Fee functionality can be enabled by a member of the support team and then configured within the CTLive Admin. To configure it go to the Custom Fee drop down within the Registration section of Admin. There click +Add new Custom Fee to launch the Custom Fee dialogue and add your Custom Fee.

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As you set up your Custom Fee you can distinguish amongst what Reg Choices, Products, and Donations the fee is applied to. In the example below the Shipping and Handling fee will only be charged to individuals that select the bicycle purchase. That fee will be a flat rate $25.00.

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Release the registration form and take it for a spin. Upon selecting the bicycle the Shipping and Handling custom fee will be added to the transaction. If you don’t select a bicycle than you won’t be charged the Shipping and Handling fee.

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We created this functionality with lots of flexibility in order to accommodate your event’s needs. Think you have a use case that is perfect for a Custom Fee? Reach out to our support team and we can talk you through it.

To learn more about ChronoTrack, contact us.

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About the Author, Michael Kilburg

Product Owner

Michael Kilburg joined the ChronoTrack Live team in February of 2012 as a Quality Assurance Engineer. He has since migrated to a Technical Product Management role, working with a team of developers to enhance existing registration products and create new ones. Michael attended college at the University of Portland, where he was a member of the Cross Country and Track teams. He competed in the Olympic Trials 10,000 meter run in 2008, which is the same year that he graduated from the University of Portland.