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Endurance Colombia was founded in 2008 by lifelong sports fan and renowned Coach in the country, Arturo Roa. Originally focused on sports training services in running, triathlon and swimming, Endurance Colombia grew with the help of Arturo’s daughter, Catalina and her husband Javier Perdomo to successfully organize its own events including triathlons, aquathlons, and running events. Today, the organization continues to evolve and provide quality race events throughout the country.

Name: Javier Perdomo / Catalina Roa

Website: Colombian Events

Role: Race Directors/Timers

Social MediaFacebook & Instagram.

Can you tell us a little bit about all of your events? / Puedes decirnos un poco sobre todos tus eventos?

We are based in Colombia and host our own events as well as third-party events, mainly running events, triathlons, aquathlons and duathlons. We started with ChronoTrack in 2015 and it was the first time our athletes had access to live results! It’s been a great year for Colombian sports.

Tenemos nuestros propios eventos y de otros organizadores, principalmente triatlones, duatlones y competencias de atletismo en Colombia, iniciamos este año con Chronotrack en Colombia y es la primera vez que los Colombianos tienen resultados en vivo por lo tanto es una gran oportunidad para el deporte Colombiano.

How did you personally get started in the industry? / Personalmente como iniciaste en la industria?

I was an elite triathlete and long-time sports lover. In my triathlons, I had seen the RFID technology and as an engineer, I saw the opportunity to change the Colombian sport. I was looking for the best technology and eventually I came across ChronoTrack.

Yo fui triatleta profesional y un amante del deporte, en mis triatlones ví el uso de RFID por lo tanto como ingeniero ví la oportunidad de cambiar el deporte en Colombia, año a año fui mirando la mejor tecnología por lo tanto ahora estamos con Chronotrack.

What’s your favorite thing about what you do? / Que es lo que más te gusta de lo que haces?

Previously, I was working as an engineer in the oil industry and was often far away from my family and friends. Now, we’re able to work together which is great. We love seeing all the athlete’s smiling and happy when they cross the finish line and get their live results, videos, and photos we can provide them through ChronoTrack Live. That is the best reward for us.

Como ingeniero yo estaba trabajando en la industria del petróleo principalmente lejos de mi familia y amigos, ahora podemos trabajar juntos y felices, amamos la felicidad de los atletas cuando tienen sus resultados, videos y fotos, esto es el mejor pago para nosotros y nuestro trabajo.

What’s your least favorite thing about what you do? / Que es lo que menos te gusta de lo que haces?

When we have to work late if certain race organizers that we are working with cannot provide us with the athlete’s complete race registration forms…maybe they should start using ChronoTrack race registration software to avoid this issue!

Probablemente cuando los organizadores nos dan la información de registro incompleta y tenemos que trabajar hasta tarde, pues no usan el módulo de registro de ChronoTrack!

How long have you been working with ChronoTrack? / Desde cuando trabajan con ChronoTrack?

We have been working with ChronoTrack since September 2015.

Hemos estado trabajando desde septiembre de 2015.

What made you switch to ChronoTrack software/hardware? / Que hizo que te pasaras a ChronoTrack software/hardware?

The fantastic support and the opportunity to have real live results, photos and videos in one tool.

El soporte y la oportunidad de tener resultados en vivo, fotos y videos en un mismo lugar.

What are 3 things you like best about ChronoTrack? / Cuales son las 3 cosas que mas te gustan de ChronoTrack?

  1. ChronoTrack Live
  2. The support staff / La amabilidad de los chicos de soporte..
  3. The mini’s!  They are so efficient and easy to use! / Los mini’s!

What is one trick you’ve learned in the ChronoTrack system that has helped you save time/do something better? / Cual es uno de los trucos que aprendiste con ChronoTrack system que te ahorra tiempo y te ayuda a hacerlo mejor?

We love the dashboard! Not only can we quickly find the correct results, but we’re able to better understand who our athletes are.

Amamos la consola, nos ayuda a entender mejor lo que está pasando alrededor de los atletas y encontrar los resultados correctamente.

What is the most practical, hands-on advice you would give a newbie? / Cuales son los consejos más practicos que le daría a un novato?

You have to love your work! If you work in the race timing industry, you must love endurance sports and seeing the athletes happy and smiling.  Also, it’s important to take your time and be patient with everything.

Si es usted un novato y tiene la gran oportunidad de trabajar con Chronotrack seguramente usted ama lo que hace, ser timer es solo para amantes del deporte y gente que ama la felicidad de los atletas, tome su tiempo y tenga paciencia.

What’s your favorite race and why? / Cuál es su Carrera favorita y por qué?

I love triathlons and races with multiple timing points. Though it’s difficult to set up at first, it’s rewarding once the race starts. It’s great to watch the athletes get their results and enjoy the race; ultimately, it’s their happiness that makes it all worth it.

Amamos los tiatlones y las carreras con múltiples puntos, tienen muchos puntos de cronometraje y realmente es difícil de configurar, pero finalmente cuando la carrera inicia y la gente está viendo los resultados todo tiene sentido y los atletas son felices.

What are your goals for 2016 and onward? / Cuales son sus metas para el 2015 y en adelante?

2015 was a great year for us and we finished it off with our Santa’s Acuathlon. In 2016, we want to increase the number of people talking about ChronoTrack Live and Endurance Colombia!  It’s our goal to have races every weekend and we plan to host more of our own events, including open water, cycling, and MTB events.

2015 fue en gran año estamos cerrando con nuestro Acuatlón de Santa y tendremos otro evento el fin de semana siguiente, para el 2016 queremos tener carreras cada fin de semana, tendremos más eventos propios como aguas abiertas y eventos de atletismo tendremos ciclismo y ciclomontañismo y queremos que más y más gente hable de Chronotrack.

To learn more about Endurance Colombia, click here.

To learn more about ChronoTrack, click here.

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About the Customer, Endurance Colombia

Endurance Colombia was founded in 2008 by lifelong sports fans Javier Perdomo and Catalina Roas as the country’s first amateur running club. Originally focused on sports training services in running, cycling and swimming, Endurance Colombia grew to successfully organize its own events including triathlons, aquathlons, and running events. Today, the organization continues to evolve and provide quality race events throughout the country.