Triple Crown Road Races American Pharoah Himself Would Want to Run


At the 147th Belmont Stakes, American Pharoah entered history books as one of the best runners of all time–horse or human! He won the first Triple Crown in nearly 40 years by a whopping 5 ½ lengths. Aside from appreciating the pure speed and talent of a runner like American Pharoah, event directors can take…

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Customer Salute: J&A Racing


30,000 runners with the Luck o’ the Irish? You’ll find such a sight in the seaside town of Virginia Beach each March. For this edition of our customer salute, we’ll talk with the guy behind the timing of this massive marathon, and learn about his commitment to improvement, as well as his love-hate relationship with…

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Is Reselling Bibs Wrong?


A few weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal published an article on the practice of reselling bibs for marathons and triathlons. It had some interesting points and got a lot of us in the industry talking about an issue that seems to be a growing concern. The article cited Running USA, illustrating the rise in…

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Data Checks Version 2

We just dropped a huge update to our Data Checks! We all know one of the biggest benefits of using ChronoTrack Live is that all of your data stays in one place. This means that the integrity of your data stays pure as from registration to results. Keeping data inside of ChronoTrack Live is one of…

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Customer Salute: We Run Events, LLC


Avid runners, cancer survivors, and entrepreneurs—this is one husband-and-wife team you’ll want to meet. We spoke with Hank Brown of We Run Events about how he and his wife Natalie teamed up to manage the company, why he loves what he does, his advice for newbies, and more in this customer salute. Name: Hank Brown…

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