Tufts Health Plan 10K: Saving trees and manual data entry = happy campers.

Check out this 2-minute video to see how the Tufts Health Plan 10k For Women uses ChronoTrack pre-event registration, on-site registration, timing, live services and more. In the process, this historic event now benefits from: Elimination of paper race-day entries and all the race-night work of dealing with those Streamlined data sharing with their timer…

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Hartford Marathon: One platform, no paper, everything in the palm of your hand. Done.

Don’t listen to me, listen to Beth Schluger, Race Director for the Hartford Marathon Watch the video to learn more, including how Hartford: Simplified data management by consolidating registration, on-site paperless registration and race check-in. Simplified race check-in for thousands of athletes. Replaced paper-posted results with real-time results, mobile results, athlete updates and more. To…

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Some Workout Clothes Smell More Than Others

Workout Clothes

I’m guessing that many of us have already figured this out on our own.  But leave it to the American Society for Microbiology to actually pull together a formal study on what smells more, cotton or synthetic.  They even pulled together a “trained odor panel” for the sniff test.  I wonder if they tried to…

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Mobile-optimized, online registration form

Mobile Optimized Online race registration

What can we say?  We’ve made changes to our online registration form for improved efficiencies all around.  Here are just a few of the things you’ll care most about with the updates: Mobile registration optimization: Athletes can successfully register from a number of different electronic devices with the new online registration form. Interface updates: More…

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