How to Plan a Turkey Trot, Part 1

Plan a turkey trot

This is the first blog in our four-part series on how to plan a turkey trot. You can download the full guide to plan a turkey trot here. Start Early What are you doing the day after Thanksgiving? Kicking off the planning for next year’s turkey trot, of course! That’s right — it can take…

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Your One-Stop Shop: Plan a Turkey Trot in 2016

Plan a Turkey Trot in 2016 with our tools and resources

Looking to plan a Turkey Trot in 2016? Hands down, Athlinks and ChronoTrack have the most valuable solutions in the business for creating a successful holiday event. And we’re not just pumped up on pumpkin pie and talking self-promoting smack. Through our combination of onsite registration offerings, donation and fundraising platforms and integrated marketing and…

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Don’t Sweat It: Planning a Summer Race

Summer Race ChronoTrack

Summer means beaches, barbecues, and fun in the sun! But it also means higher temperatures, which mean a higher risk of dehydration and heat stroke for athletes. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from planning a summer race – it just means you should do so carefully and with consideration for your runners’ safety and…

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Start promoting your race with event landing pages

Phase 1 of Event Landing Pages Today we launched Phase 1 of our new event landing pages, built to help promote your events with an athlete-first approach. These pages are a great way to share your event details with athletes and grow your event via our Athlinks community of 550,000+ members. Registration links are designed…

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Doping the Distance: Should Your Race Drug Test?

Doping Race Drug Testing ChronoTrack

While performance-enhancing drugs have long plagued sports like cycling and track and field, road racing has remained relatively un-rocked by steroid scandals. When they have occurred, they’ve involved elite athletes like three-time Boston Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo or Olympic hopeful Eddy Hellebuyck. But recent stories, like Lilian Mariita’s, show that doping can trickle down to…

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