Free Guide: How to Plan a Turkey Trot

How to Plan a Turkey Trot ChronoTrack

Thanksgiving is now the most popular day to run a race with more than 1,000 events each year! But turkey trots aren’t your typical race. Their immense popularity and holiday timing can make planning one a unique challenge, even for seasoned race directors.

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Emergency Race Planning for Endurance Events

emergency race planning

Race directors are used to dealing with sprained ankles and over-exhaustion, but there’s a lot more that can go wrong at events. As the Boston Marathon showed us in 2013, it’s important to be prepared for absolutely anything. So if you’re wondering about emergency race planning, you should also be wondering how to plan for…

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Panels (Scrolling Results)

Explanation of why For years, the only way of consuming race results was to gather around pieces of paper slowly being taped to a wall or tree. The frequency to which results were updated was based on the time it took to fill up a new page of fresh finishers. While standing in line for…

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Say Hi! Getting to Know Your Race Participants

Race Participants ChronoTrack

All race directors appreciate race participants (hey, they pay the bills!) but be honest, how much do you really know them? Sure, you know their age and T-shirt size, but what else? Do you know how they prepare for a race? How they see your company? Their likes, dislikes, fears and dreams? Okay, so this…

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Toddlers and Triathlons: How to Create a Family-Friendly Race

Family-Friendly Race ChronoTrack

Alright, race directors, so you know how to manage a race. But what about children? Nearly half of the adults in the U.S. are parents, giving us a whopping 46 million children. So whether you love ‘em or can’t stand ‘em, children are an important part of race day. Include them, and you’ll be able…

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