Athlete Salute: Ericka Paddock


ChronoTrack’s Time Management would like to introduce Ericka Paddock, Athlete Salute. Ericka has Cerebral Palsy and after completing two 5K’s, she was looking forward to her first 10K. She had been training for a year with her trainer and predicted a finish time of about 4 hours.  She finished in 3:20:05. Here is her inspiring story:

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Bringing Fun to the Finish Line: The Post-Race Party

Post-Race Party Race Director 1

Does your race end at the finish line? If the answer is ‘yes’, it may be time to rethink your race planning. Participants now expect a full event experience and a fun post-race party is critical to keeping up with the industry. Before lamenting the extra planning, consider the benefits: the post-race party lets you…

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Series/Multi-event Registration

multi-event registration

Event Series are an excellent way to drive registrations by offering discounts for multi-event registration. With the multi-event registration system offered through ChronoTrack Live, getting started is very easy.

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2015 Year in Review

ChronoTrack Logo

As the year comes to a close it’s time we again take a pause and reflect on our successes and failures over the last 12 months. We ask what everyone asks in mid-December; “Where has the time gone?” 2015 saw big changes for ChronoTrack. The biggest news was that Life Time (our parent company) was…

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A Race Directors Guide to Online Registration

Race_Director_Guide_to_ Online_ Registration4

The Internet is a world wide web of convenience: we can shop, date, order dinner – all in one place. So it’s no surprise that online race registration software is the go-to option for race management companies. It saves paper, streamlines data for easy organization, is preferred by participants and can save race directors a…

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