Persnickety Paperwork: Let’s Talk Race Permits


You have a great idea for an event, picked out a date, are ready to open registration, and…hold your horses, kiddo! Before you go one step further, you need to get permits for your race. This persnickety paperwork is no one’s favorite part, but we can help you navigate the process with a little Q&A…

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Love That Lasts: 10 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty


It’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. That shouldn’t be news to you, but are you really dedicating as much time rewarding customer loyalty as you are marketing to new customers? The importance of this is emphasized by the Harvard Business Review, which reports that increasing customer retention rates by…

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Customer Salute: Everal Race Management


Everal Race Management was founded by Greg and Jenni Everal in 2006, stationed out of Detroit Downriver area, servicing races all over Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. They are runners and very passionate for the sport which is how they stumbled into this timing gig – although they miss torturing themselves with long, sweaty, painful miles…

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Spotlight on the Sport: ChronoTrack


Running USA recently had the opportunity to talk with Troy Busot, founder and CEO of Athlinks and now ChronoTrack’s Vice President of Product, about the big changes the team underwent this year. Check out the full post below as featured on Running USA. Synergy is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the…

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How to Incorporate State Sales Tax Into Your Registration Fees


When you first got that wild hair to be an event manager and began plotting your endurance race empire, did your stratagems include a plan to deal with taxes? We’re willing to bet it didn’t. It doesn’t for most! Taxes are usually filed away in your brain with other fun things like “dinner with the…

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