Classic Data Suite 0.6.0 Released

ChronoTrack is excited to announce the release of Classic Data Suite (CDS) 0.6.0. CDS 0.6.0 has been in beta testing for quite some time without issue and so it’s time for an official release.

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Enable Transamerica Registration Refund Insurance

Introduction The registration refund offer from Transamerica is a great way to drive early registration while helping participants with the unexpected. At no cost to you, athletes can get a refund if they can’t attend due to unforeseen events such as injury or illness.

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9 Facts About Marketing to Women That Pack More Punch Than Ronda Rousey


Women are running the world, in both a literal and figurative sense. They are dominating the participation fields for U.S. race events and wield the power equivalent of Thor’s hammer when it comes to consumer spending. If you want to grow numbers, it’s time to focus on what a girl wants in your race promotions.…

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