Aggregate Teams Award Report V2

Our Aggregate Report has recently been updated and has new features for all of our ChronoTrack Live Timers to take advantage of! Some of the new features are pretty obvious, but I’ll cover each parameter and give a recap on how each component works. New Features Overview Higher Team Time Resolution to prevent ties Required…

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What Your Endurance Event and a Baby Panda Have in Common: YouTube


The Evolution of Dance. Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. A sneezing baby panda. All of these things live on a little website called  YouTube. Heard of it? Chances are, you have…and you’ve been on the site a few hundred times to watch videos of everything from cute baby animals to a man overwhelmed with…

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Why your business needs a mobile/tablet friendly website

It’s 2015, is your website mobile/tablet friendly? Smart phones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular and are the preferred method for accessing the Internet. Your business now needs to think about building a mobile version of your website in order to provide customers a better experience. The risk of not having a mobile site can…

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