Anderson Race Management’s Tips for Planning a Race

We get many inquiries weekly on what it takes to organize a race, and questions as to whether or not someone’s organization will be able to raise enough money to pay for their expenses, but also make enough money to support their cause. I always respond with, “first, we need to figure out the time…

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How to approach endurance event photography at your event and meet the media needs for your organization, your sponsors and most importantly your participants

I like to focus on People, Product and Process with every business-related decision I have to make. There is no difference with that mandate when looking at the fulfillment of endurance event photography as a piece of your race management practices. Your participants will be actively seeking two things after your event; (1) their results…

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Customer Salute: Pro Portsmouth, Inc.


What exactly do you do? How can you help me? Those aren’t unusual questions for us to hear at ChronoTrack and we have a lot of different types of customers. Instead of trying to explain all the details and potentially bore you to death, we thought we’d do a little show and tell. We’ll be…

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Big Run Media Twitter Tips for Race Organizers


So you might be using Twitter, or thinking about using Twitter, to promote your event and connect with fans. Now that Facebook’s changing algorithms are showing your fans less and less of your content (from 16% back in 2012 to less than 2% today), it is a good time to step up your Twitter game.…

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