Race Registration Management: Hide Registration Choices


Hey all you race directors and event organizers!  We just released a feature in ChronoTrack Live to help with race registration management. It allows admin users to hide registration choices in your online registration form. Huh? Let me explain. When you’re planning a race, you may have some registration categories/options/choices that you want to offer to specific…

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Customer Salute: Ferguson Twilight Run


When I was a kid, races were for “athletes”.  Walkers didn’t participate in races, let alone walkers with STROLLERS! And costumes? Forget about it.  Races were for ‘competitors’. Not just for anyone. Whelp, times have changed….for the better.  (I know, I know, some people don’t like the change.  But competitors can still find competitive runs,…

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Classic Data Suite 0.6.0 Public Beta


For all our timers out there, our Classic Data Suite 0.6.0 is now officially in public beta. We just launched it a week ago and already 22 people have installed it to take it for a spin. We’ve solved some “edge case” issues with this version that had popped up here and there, and threw…

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Did You Say Thank You?


As a race director, it’s really important to say thanks. To let your participants know that you understand it took time and money to get to your event, and you think they’re awesome for it. The more successful you are at expressing your appreciation, the more special you’ll make your participants feel. And that, friends,…

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