Team scoring just got easier

team scoring

ChronoTrack Live’s new team scoring functionality simplifies team scoring while delivering a more meaningful live services experience for your athletes.  No more exporting, formatting, and re-uploading teams to get accurate scores.  Events like Vermont City Marathon and Oklahoma City Marathon are already using it.  Key benefits include: Simplifying data management: Team registration data flows directly…

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Dave McGillivray’s 60th birthday run


Dave has shown up twice in the last few posts.  I won’t keep that up, I promise.  But this article is too good to pass up.  This guy never ceases to amaze me.  Who runs a mile for every year they’ve been alive, every year, on their birthday.  Not this girl….ever.  But Dave McGillivray does.…

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Confessions of a rookie Race Director

rookie mistakes race management advice

Confessions of a rookie Race Director. This is a fun read for novices and pros alike.  Some funny analogies and perspectives about race ‘directing’ vs race ‘participating’.  There are even some useful links to Race Director certification courses, books and other blogs.  A light read that will either leave you nostalgic of what it was…

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Race Director pet peeves about runners


What can I say?  These types of articles are always too good to pass up.  Especially when Dave McGillivray is the guy commenting.  He’s been around the block and put through the wringer more than most of us ever care to even think about. While the article actually covers his complaints from both the Race…

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