Athlinks Services: Enhancing the Athlete Journey, from Start to Finish

athlinks services

The long-awaited launch of Athlinks Services is finally here!

We have been hard at work over the past several months and have transitioned ChronoTrack under the Athlinks umbrella, forming Athlinks Services. We’ve taken the reliability and timing experience for which ChronoTrack is known and made it an integral part of the overall Athlinks experience. Together, our two brands now provide an all-in-one suite of innovative race management solutions for our Event Directors and Timers.
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How to Produce the Best Possible Race?…Race!

First-hand experience will help you deliver unparalleled race services.

Maybe you became a race director because of your experience as an athlete, and wanting to turn your love of sport into your career. That’s the story for many of you. Or maybe you came to race directing from non-athletic event production, from the marketing or business worlds, or from a myriad of other backgrounds. Wherever you’ve come from, and whatever your personal athletic experience and ability, there are a number of reasons why you yourself should race in order to create best-in-class events and provide standout race services for other athletes to enjoy.
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How to Make Race Swag that Won’t Go to Goodwill

Get creative with our race swag bag and award ideas.

Can we all agree on something? The unisex, 100 percent cotton, stiff-as-cardboard race t-shirt is over. We’re talking so 1990. With the advent of more and more endurance events—and participants who are more savvy, discerning, and demanding than ever—the basic race tee is a bygone artifact. But race swag is important. In fact, it serves two main, meaningful purposes: to reward your athletes, giving them a cherished memento of their accomplishment, and to provide valuable exposure for your event. Continue Reading

Beyond Point and Shoot: Rethink Your Race Photo Strategy

When you scroll through social media, what catches your eye? When you read a blog post or an online article, what do you look for first? If you answered photos and videos, you’re not alone. (Did you notice all the cool images in this post? We thought so.)

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How To Make Your Race Go Viral

In social media terms, viral is a good thing. A viral post is one that’s shared widely, garnering plenty of attention and engagement. Viral social sharing often happens by accident (think crazy cat videos), but there are several things you can do with organic (i.e. free) social posting to help make your race go viral. Continue Reading