How Race Promotion Changes for Locals and Out-of-Towners

Races don’t usually start out with thousands of people and million dollar sponsorships, but rather as small races grown from great concepts. These races have huge potential and the key to growth is promotion, promotion, promotion. Also, having a solid and well run event, but still, race promotion is absolutely essential. The tricky question is of course, how should a Race Director promote their event as time goes on, especially once the race starts to get attendees from out of town? Continue Reading

Fido-Friendly 5Ks: What to Consider when Planning a Dog-Friendly Race

What’s more fun than a 5K? A 5K with dogs, that’s what. When planning a dog-friendly 5K, there are some extra steps involved, but remember, ultimately the goal is for everyone, whether they run on two or four legs, to have fun. National Pet Week is May 7th-13th, so here are a few reminders to consider for your dog-friendly 5K event planning. Continue Reading

Keeping Goodie Bags Fresh

Goodie bags have been ubiquitous to the racing world for years; useful to both sponsors, who can connect directly with the consumer, and runners, who view it as a perk for paying their registration fees. However, in recent years the race swag bag ideas have evolved, and their overall effectiveness has been called into question by some. Continue Reading

SNEAK PEEK: Our offline packet pickup capabilities are now in beta testing!

We’re excited to announce that our offline packet pickup, check-in and bib/tag assignment tool is officially ready for beta testers. The 13th Annual Pat’s Run recently used the tool (called “Launch: Packet Pickup”) at their packet pickup for over 30,000 participants. Here’s what they had to say about the tool: “Using Launch for this year’s race has been a huge improvement from previous years.  The onsite experience has been great because we do not have to worry about having a bad internet connection since Launch operates all offline.  Now we have happy athletes who do not have to wait in the sun in long lines to get their bib numbers; it’s a streamlined process.” – Sandy Flynn, Pat’s Run Event Director.

Continue Reading

Crisis Communications Handbook: What, Why, and How?

Anyone who has worked in race day management will tell you that things rarely go as planned. A storm rolls in; the temperature spikes; results are wrong; or for one reason or another, safety is no longer a guarantee. What is guaranteed, however, is that something will go awry. While it’s imperative for race directors to have a plan on how to handle these emergency situations, the plan is only half the equation. Continue Reading