2017 CT Timers User Conference Session Topics*

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Advanced Scoring in CT Live Nicholas Wiegand Take scoring beyond the basics. Get a review of the enhancements made over the past year. We’ll cover complex course setups including teams, laps, and triathlons
Athlinks Evolution in 2017 Troy Busot/Dallin Moon This session will be a review of 2016 product accomplishments with an eye toward the 2017 product roadmap. Specifically how a unified data and customer experience will help deliver new tools to engage on race day and allow Chronotrack timers to win and manage more business in the New Year.
Digital Media Services in CT Live – Introduction Dallin Moon Introduction to on-boarding our digital media product in ChronoTrack LIVE (cradle-to grave operational workflow) from a Timer self-service or ChronoTrack Digital Media Division Fulfillment position. An extension of your timing and scoring services, Digital Media can now be looked at as a service offering now vs. a retail model- free image downloads to participants generating service fee revenue is your next revenue stream. In addition, allowing your clients to create a “Media Sponsorship” revenue stream and now creating an “everyone wins scenario” with the race director, you, the sponsor and most importantly the participants.
 Pro 2 Controller Pam Wilder/Ray Wheeler The Pro 2 is available! Come learn about the successor of the Pro controller, including a brief presentation and live demo. Then take advantage of the opportunity to interact with our demo Pro 2s and provide feedback and suggestions for future improvements. We are excited, are you?
Fusion Middleware Pam Wilder/Ray Wheeler We’ve been talking about Fusion for a long time and it is now ready to go! Come see a live demo and learn about future plans for the application. Following a brief presentation and demo we will open the floor for discussion, feedback and suggestions. Don’t miss this opportunity to help shape the future of the new ChronoTrack middleware!
Mobile Troy Busot/Mike Milici This session will focus on our mobile App strategy.  This includes the new Athlinks mobile app for athletes as well as our recently acquired mobile app for Events.  The session will include demo of existing capabilities on both products, as well as discussion on our strategy for the future.
Scoring in CT Live – Introduction Robert Trasatti This session will serve as an introduction to scoring a basic event using the ChronoTrack Live scoring platform. We will start from pre-event configurations, moving through to race day scoring management, and finishing with after race correction and adjustments. This session is ideal for timers with little or no experience using the ChronoTrack Live scoring platform.
RunScore: Introductory Alan Jones- RunScore Learn how to set up for your first race using RunScore and then see how to personalize it to make the race director happy. We will show how easy it is to bring in results from ChronoTrack tags. Much of the session will be in the form of questions and answers; come armed with questions.
RunScore: Advanced Alan Jones, Steve Stone and Steven Keith – RunScore The session will include a summary of RunScore changes with examples. We will present some neat tips. Bring some of your own to share.
Intro to CT Hardware Robert Trasatti This introductory session will cover timing hardware specifications, setup, use cases, best practices, and maintenance. We’ll discuss both Pro Series and MiniTrack Series controllers along with accompanying equipment – Interrogators (Gators), Interrogator Cores (Antennas), FlashPoints, Cable sets, basic third party networking components, and more.
Intro Active timing system extension Micah Rennels At the end of 2015, ChronoTrack entered a partnership that allows us to deliver an active tag solution to our timing partners. Initially, the active tag solution will be deployed as an extension to our MiniTrack Series controllers however we are also including support for the active extension on our new pro series controller as well. During this session we’ll review the needs for an active system, discuss why we decided on a partnership over developing our own and explain how the system will be deployed in the field. This session will wrap up with open Q&A.
Intro to CT/Athlinks Software and middleware  Daniel Murphey During this session, we will look at the components that we refer to as middleware: the applications and tools used to process raw controller data and pass it along to scoring platforms. Specifically, we’ll review establishing controller connections, Classic Data Suite – which is comprised of CCSLite and SimpleClient-StreamManager, and the tools built into the Timers Portal.
Common race day issues and how to avoid them Daniel Murphey Our primary objective during this session will be to review several of the most common calls or issues the support team handles on the weekend and throughout the week so that you don’t have to learn the hard way. We’ll cover a wide range of topics and common issues with hardware, software, and networking. This session will conclude with open Q&A.
Timer Round Table Sales Team During this session, we’ll shuffle and divide attendees into small groups. Groups will be presented with a set of discussion questions focused on topics including timing, event management, race director/athlete interaction, marketing, proposals and contracts, business growth and more.
Owners’ Forum Management Team This breakout session will be an open question and answer session between Timing Partner Owners and ChronoTrack + Athlinks Management. Due to the limited size of the space and limited session availability this session will be limited to Timing Partner company owners only.

Registration: Advanced and new registration features

Chelsea Long

Registration features were a large focus in 2016. This session will cover a tutorial for some of the key functionality added to our registration platform such as Managing Event Landing Pages, Lottery/Drawing events, Extended/Guaranteed Registration, Coupon Enhancements, Confirmation Emails, and Payment Processing.

The Race Director Roger Bradshaw – The Race Director A review of the more significant changes in Race Director 2017 – including the new “auto import” / publish capabilities for chip results, special Check Point setup, new Cross Country features and CT Live integration.  This session will also demonstrate a few complicated scoring setup scenarios.  There will also be discussion about the initial development plans for an advanced integration with Athlinks.  The session end with Q&A.  This session is designed for experienced or new Race Director users.
Offline Race Day Software Michael Kilburg/Nick Wiegand  Come and see the next generation of offline race management software. We’ll cover downloading, installing, and launching a total packet pickup solution. We’ll keep a DB in sync with the cloud as we assign Bibs and Chips on a local network of computers running our customizable kiosk software. We’ll show you our built in Announcer software and give you a peek of what’s to come.
Partnership Overview Troy Busot/Bob Bickel Presented by Troy Busot and guest speaker Bob Bickel from RunSignUp, this interactive Q&A session will outline our partnership strategy for Athlinks in 2017, with particular focus on how that strategy impacts each component of our overall product suite. This partnership is the first of its kind and we anticipate many questions and comments from our audience.

*Session topics names and descriptions are still being finalized. This is not a full list of sessions.


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